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Twina - Visions

Twina - Visions
Typealbum, CD

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Twina - Visions


01 Twina - Zip Code
02 Twina - Visions
03 Twina - Digital Face
04 Twina - Loka
05 Twina - Star City
06 Twina - Space Drive
07 Twina - Q Project
08 Twina - Turbo Breaker
09 Twina - Intelligent Knowledge

Phonokol proudly present the debut album of Twina 'Visions'

After the first single 'Zip Code' we can enjoy the full album of the new elegant and intelligent style of 'Twina'.

Assaf Twina (age 28) is the mind behind the 'Twina' project.

In the last years, Assaf Twina worked as a soundman at the leading sport channel of Israel - Chanel-5, at the same time, he built up his professional studio and finished the sound studies.

The album expresses Assaf's experience in musical production and sound knowledge.

The unusual guitar lines combined with interesting vocal (by Assaf!) breaks the normal 'full on' wave and creates Twina's unique style and the most important - different style.

'Twina' is on the way to strike we are ready for it... The question is... Are you ready..?!?!

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