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Various Artists - Jack In The Box

Various Artists - Jack In The Box
Typecompilation, CD

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Hypersonic - Jack In The Box


01 Hypersonic - The Beginning Of A Story (Morfix Remix)
02 ITP - Do U Know Itp
03 Gataka - Reaction In Action (Vs Aquatica)
04 Synsun - White And Black
05 DNA - No Limit
06 Twina - Touch The Sky
07 Biotouch - My Wonderworld
08 Perlook - Under Dogs
09 Hypersonic - Disco Mania
10 Solar Plexus - The Patch Mode

Phonokol proudly presents - "Jack in the box", the new
compilation of Phonokol's acts and artists.

This compilation includes the "cream" of Phonokol 2007,
and leading names such as:

Gataka, DNA, Hypersonic, and uprising project like
Twina, ITP, SynSUN, Biotouch, Perlook and Morfix.

The compilation contains brand new hits from
"Full on" to "Electro trance" and many other styles...

This is not just 10 trance tracks every tune
has its own say, color and story.

All tracks are dance floor hits and can fit into
any kind of D.J. set on any event.

In order to get a little taste of phonokol's latest releases and some
of the future projects, just play this CD, close
your eyes, and let the psychedelic journey roll in your head.

Various Artists - Jack In The Box: Front