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Twisted Reaction - Action!

Twisted Reaction - Action!
Typealbum, CD

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Twisted Reaction - Action!


01 Twisted Reaction - Heaven (Vocal Edit)
02 Twisted Reaction - Acid Theater
03 Twisted Reaction - Twisted Illusions
04 Twisted Reaction - Action!
05 Twisted Reaction - Drugs (Remix)
06 Twisted Reaction - Morning Sun
07 Twisted Reaction - On The Drumz
08 Twisted Reaction feat. Mindstorm - Civilysergia (Album Version)
09 Twisted Reaction feat. Head For A Day On Guitar - One Love

"Action!" - a debut album from Twisted ReAction, opens for you the tunnel to a twisted and playful psychedelic world of the young Israeli artist Edvin. The album contains 8 full-on tracks, both morning and night styles. The last track of the album is Chillout/Electro that is dedicated to Edvin's girlfriend. The track was made featuring a Israeli underground punk rock band - Hero For A Day. All of this amazing album is a magical trip to another world where there is only love and happiness.....and we know that with it will bring a wave of pleasure through out the whole international trance scene!