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U-Recken - Aquatic Serenade

U-Recken - Aquatic Serenade
Typealbum, CD

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U-Recken - Aquatic Serenade


01 U-Recken - Lost Paradise
02 U-Recken - Holly Waters
03 U-Recken - Plastic
04 U-Recken - Zoodoo
05 U-Recken - Tania (2006 Edit)
06 U-Recken - Powerfull
07 U-Recken - The Other Side
08 U-Recken - Misery
09 U-Recken - Pitch Of Mind
10 U-Recken - Aquatic Serenade

U-Recken's music is a rare blend of Arabian deserts and gothic dungeons. Music that touches your soul with its melody and harmony but does not fall to kitsch or cheese. Night or day his tunes have been rocking dance floors all over the world and in this debut album he brings us more of his hypnotizing tracks and some new and surprising styles that will uplift any listener.