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Various Artists - About Time

Various Artists - About Time
LabelPsypneumatix Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Prosect - A Dream On Our Way To Death
02 Telepathik - Silent Sound
03 Sinewave - Retroplex
04 Decibel - Possess The Origin
05 Sinewave - Solar Plexus (Ignition Remix)
06 Beatnik - Kazoodle Beach
07 Blue.MD - Desseus Galaxy
08 Fromem Ory - Altitude
09 Fitalic - Shadow Run

Very different from the traditional PsyPneumatix sound, Pneumatix Music launches off PsyPneumatix's shoulders to bring you a very modern and deep atmospheric and psychedelic dance compilation from Fresh/Dylan Griffin and Jon Kenobi.

Adding a needed depth and thought to psychedelic dance music,a showcase and vision for future sounds in psychedelic trance. Big atmospheres,deep grooves,clean crisp production from some of the forward thinkers in electronic music. With added dancefloor stormers perfect for the day, without the clich├ęs and cheese.

Music from the UK, The Netherlands, USA ,Israel and Australia, these tracks were sourced by Jon Kenobi and Fresh, while Dylan/Fresh was touring Europe/Asia and Sth America,an extensive collection of tracks tested on different dancefloors around the world. Wanting a particular theme and feel for this compilation they settled on tracks by: Sinewave, Blue MD, Beatnik, Fitalic, Fromem Ory,Prosect, Decibel and Telepathik.

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