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Various Artists - Alien Agenda

Various Artists - Alien Agenda
LabelIlluminati Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Pondscum vs Satanstoenail - Troglodyte
02 Baphomet Engine - Aliengine
03 Simian - Cold Silence
04 Silent Horror - Starship Shooters
05 Cymazz - Internal Gnome
06 Gappeq - Total Perspective Vortex
07 Narcosis - Lost Evil In A Dirty Brain
08 Cymazz - Killing The King
09 Datakult - Liars Inc

Strange lights in the sky, flying saucers, crop circles, abductions ,cattle mutilations, microchip implants ,underground bases. Could all this be true??.......Have we been visited by a group of extra-terrestrials? Are they coming? Are they here?... Have they been our keepers all this time?...

Or, are UFO's piloted by humans and this is part of an elaborate hoax , in order to divert our attention from the True(EL-ite) controller's and their agenda's.....You decide for yourself......ILLUMINATI RECORDS presents ALIEN AGENDA, the next chapter in your de-programming....

Various Artists - Alien Agenda: Front