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Various Artists - Baba Power

Various Artists - Baba Power
LabelPsybaba Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Intro - Zénes Vacsora
02 Irgum Burgum - Call Me Tomorrow
03 Venom Sense - Who Is Genny ?
04 Insector - Sector 33
05 Haunted Castle - Bierstindl
06 Neighbour Behaviour - Crystal
07 Trippyhippies - Chinese Supreme
08 Chemical Spoon - Bull Fighter
09 Irgum Burgum - Light
10 Cosmo Hippies On The Spoon - Killah Man!
11 Shanti Monkey - Psycho Banana

Psybaba Records is back with a third compilation, and Hungarian musicians are in more powerful mood than ever! Beside the already presented names like Chemical Sp00n, Haunted Castle, Trippyhippies, Irgum Burgum and Venom Sense, some new interesting projects are ready to rock! The crazy Insector sounds, the brute force by Neighbour Behaviour, and Shanti Monkey's tribal dance experience are the freshest tunes in the repertoire. Our hyperactive brother Cosmo was also join this compilation in a collaboration track.

Various Artists - Baba Power: Front