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Various Artists - Double Baba

Various Artists - Double Baba
LabelPsybaba Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Chemical Spoon - Africa
02 Venom Sense - Hmmm
03 Chemical Spoon & Venom Sense - We have Cookies!
04 Chemical Spoon - Forbidden Planet
05 Venom Sense - Pet Shop Noise
06 Venom Sense & Chemical Spoon - Chemical Sense
07 Venom Sense - Killer Coke
08 Chemical Spoon - Superfreak
09 Venom Sense - Maglev
10 Chemical Spoon - Frakk

01 Trippyhippies - Don't Worry be Hippie
02 Irgum Burgum - Casanova
03 Trippyhippies - Stuntman Mike
04 Irgum Burgum - Over
05 Trippyhippies & Irgum Burgum - Lords of the Drinks
06 Trippyhippies - Nostromo's Last Voyage
07 Irgum Burgum - Electric Security
08 Trippyhippies - aaarrrrgggghhhh
09 Irgum Burgum - Mama Turbo

Psybaba Records happily presents the double split album by four freaky Hungarian bands: VENOM SENSE, CHEMICAL SPOON, IRGUM BURGUM and TRIPPYHIPPES.

Venom Sense consists of three friends: Balázs Poczik the serious guy, Ferenc Majercsik the funny man and László Mészáros the sleepy-head. Their experiences on music making in different styles go back to years. All from the same town Szolnok, where they started to union their energies in Psychedelic Trance since 2005. As they are three very different personalities, their tracks are always diverse, vibrant and unique journeys.

Tamás Bársony (another sleepy-head) and Pál Trencsényi (Paya) are the guys behind the project called Chemical Spoon. Paya have experienced DJ-ing for many years, while Tamás were creating music in different styles. They met in 2005 and immediately started to produce their fluent, danceable and deep tunes, built on tough basslines.

These two bands are splitting CD1. Besides the solo tracks they blast with two collective compositions.

Irgum Burgum is Zoltán Farkas (Garcy) and Gyuri Timar (dj Jirzij). Before falling in love with electronic music Garcy was playing on guitar in a hard-core rock band. He is making psytrance since 2003. Gyuri is dj and party promoter for more than 12 years now. They realized that their musical ideas are quite similar, so they started to do it together in 2006. They sound like their name rhythmical, surprising atmospheric and soulshaking.

Tamás Balogh (Obi) the crazy one with 8 years djing in psychedelic trance, and Balázs Iván the silent one; music and computer addicted since his childhood. They are the Trippyhippies. How did they meet? Well, that's a long story... Better ask them! They have been working together in psychedelic trance since 2003. The music is powerful, deeply instinctual and seasoned with sense of humour.

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