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Various Artists - Best Of Vision Quest II

Various Artists - Best Of Vision Quest II
LabelVision Quest
Typecompilation, CD


01 Alternative Control - Alt+Ctrl
02 Astrix & John 00 Fleming - 3rd Time Lucky
03 Dino Psaras - Riddum
04 Eskimo - Sex-A-Holica
05 Pop Stream - Fuel Knock
06 Shanti Matkin - Alter Ego
07 Skazi - Zueira
08 Space Cat - Mechanical Dream
09 S.U.N. Project - What Comes Next
10 Cyrus The Virus - Have A Nice Day

Compiled by Tania, this is the second edition of the best tracks played at the Vision Quest concerts this year. In addition to the headliners, Astrix, Skazi, Dino, Sun Project, Shanti and Space Cat, Vision Quest also introduces the newcomers, Alternative Control, Pop Stream and Cyrus the Virus. Wrapping it up with the latest addition to the VQ roster is Eskimo, a rising star in the main ranks of the trance scene. This is a compilation of the most danced on tracks by each of these artist. Pop up the volume and enjoy the ride. Hopefully you were among the lucky ones that went to some of the concerts and this CD will definitely bring back memories of these crazy nights.

Eskimo - Sex-A-Holica

"This is the real deal...just open your mind...
you can find we've always been here
most of the time.
But since the real deal, just nobody ??? to find ??? ???
most of the time...

You just open your just open your mind...You just open your mind...
You can find, we found...we found...we found...we found...we found...

This is the real deal...just open your mind...
you can find we've always been here
most of the time,

but you'll see that we can make it if you dance with me,
and in life you can't take it but you can be free...

This is the real deal...yeah, the real deal...this is the real deal

Step right up, hurry hurry, get your tickets now,
before your vision gets hurt don't ask me how...

Cause anybody shaking just make you smile,
and i got a hundred reasons that will drive you wild...

drive you you you wild...