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Various Artists - Cafe Tel Aviv

Various Artists - Cafe Tel Aviv
LabelAvatar Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Café Tel Aviv


01 Al-Pha-X - Sahara
02 Angel Tears - Dmaot Malach
03 Lumin - Lycian Way
04 Space Cat & Oforia - Fly
05 Avatar - Gordon Beach
06 Earth Nation - Elucidate
07 Saafi Brothers - Supernatural Pt. II
08 Tara - Happy Hour
09 Low Light - Soul Side
10 Angel Tears - For You God
11 AstroPilot - Florentin
12 Ticon - The First Moment

Avatar's Café series takes us this time to one of the lively and sizzling places in the Middle East: the city of Tel Aviv.
Known in its nick name "The City That Never Sleeps", Tel Aviv offers endless entertainment options 24 hours a day.
This is another reason why it is also called by many The New York of the Middle East'.

Tel Aviv is a melting pot and offers a diverse life style. This fun city is a good place to meet friends and friendly faces from different places and cultures.
The city has beautiful beaches, endless cafés and restaurants, galleries and cultural events. Its rich nightlife, clubs and parties, host the best DJs around, and are a good option to hang during the weekdays and the weekend, for a drink and good music.

Café Tel Aviv will give you a glance to some of the sights and sounds of the scene in this capitol of action, chillout and lounge, with a Middle Eastern flavor and a Mediterranean breeze. Among the international names on this compilation, there are some local representatives from the city who bring their music straight from the core
Grab a drink, move your and feel the beat.

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