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Various Artists - Avatar 10

Various Artists - Avatar 10
LabelAvatar Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Avatar 10


01 Jupiter 8000 - Inside
02 Cosmosis - The Cave Of Medusa
03 Toi Doi - Up Days
04 Manmademan - Radar
05 The Nommos - Iboga
06 Parasense - Ritual Of Drugs
07 Kindzadza - Kamakazi
08 Synchro - Born In California
09 Avatar - Sanghi Jetti (Nagombo Remix)
10 Asia 2001 - Dreamland (Spacecat Remix)

Avatar is marking its 10 years anniversary with a souvenir compilation containing some of the names that made Avatar. Avatar started off in the middle of the 90s, when the party scene has exploded in Goa, Europe and Israel. The foundations were layed in late 1995 initially as the party organization 'Habrit', with a massive lineup of artists and DJs, and in spring of 1997 it has formed its present shape as Avatar.

The people of Avatar are Peter Eibenschutz, Israeli trance veteran, and Avichay Avigal. Both their records speak for itself. Avatar stands tall behind its commitment, and for the last ten years have been releasing impressive albums from some of the finest names in trance and chill, with over 45 albums released, and another 37 albums and compilations licenced and released by other labels worldwide. From the towers of Tokyo to the casbahs of Bangladesh, with an effort to bring quality music to as many people as possible, slowly and steadily, Avatar has secured itself as one of the dominating electronic labels today.

Avatar 10 includes ten postcards that we have gathered here for you from some of the moments that left a mark. .We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do

Various Artists - Avatar 10: Front
Various Artists - Avatar 10: Back
Various Artists - Avatar 10: Back 2
Various Artists - Avatar 10: Inside
Various Artists - Avatar 10: Inside 2
Various Artists - Avatar 10: Inside 3
Various Artists - Avatar 10: Inside 4
Various Artists - Avatar 10: Inside 5
Various Artists - Avatar 10: Inside 6
Various Artists - Avatar 10: CD