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Various Artists - Chew On This

Various Artists - Chew On This
LabelDropout Productions
Typecompilation, CD


01 Big Noise - Nord Time
02 Para Halu - Silencio
03 Metallaxis - Symbols And Numbers
04 Freaks Of Nature - Crazy Old Man
05 Freaking - Maxeril
06 Penta - Caparica
07 Drumatik - Winterblues
08 The Many Faces Of Digitalist - Al Dente
09 Terminator vs Nebztraxx - Welcome To Skunk
10 Ocelot vs Alien Mental - Quaternary

Dropout Productions is proud to present their 4th tasty delicacy: Chew On This. And it is a 10 course meal! With mind mangling juiciness and a flavor that can only be brought forth by our favorite psy-chefs, such as Para Halu, Metallaxis, Freaking, Penta, Ocelot and some very promising newcomers.

The entire album is a culinary masterpiece, your tastebuds will definitely enjoy! Exotic flavors, crunchy sounds and spicy rhythms bounce through the atmosphere causing huge smiles and an extreme urge to dance. Dancefloors spin and fly out of control!