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Various Artists - Collapsed Generations

Various Artists - Collapsed Generations
LabelSpectral Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Collapsed Generations


01 Menog vs Shift - Evil people
02 Khopat - We Will Fly
03 Lost and Found - Sin Stereo Remix
04 Menog - Kinhos's Hallucination (Tryambaka Remix)
05 Delysid - Decoder
06 Menog vs Fiuzz - Collapsed Generations
07 Audialize - Kinesis
08 Hypnoxock - This Is A Chapapote
09 Chilled C'quence - Levels Of Rhythms

Spectral records is releasing splcd006 "Collapsed Generations" in 2008,this time compiled by Menog.Featuring tracks from Menog&Shift, Khopat, Lost&Found, Audialize, Delysid, Menog&Fiuzz, Tryambaka, Hypnoxock and Chilled C'Quence.

You can hear a bit of everything in this compilation, from night music style, to more melodic morning stuff... but above all, Psytrance.Generations from today are collapsing more and more... make sure YOU donĂ­t get collapsed!!Get ready, cause "Collapsed Generations" will show you once more that PsyTrance is still alive and Spectral Records will make sure of that!

Various Artists - Collapsed Generations: Front