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Various Artists - Conundrum

Various Artists - Conundrum
LabelReckless Rhythm
Typecompilation, CD


01 Seroxat - The Game (Remix)
02 Shift vs Menog - Activate The Spiral
03 Damage - Accidental (Remix)
04 Shift - Overdrive
05 Psychotic Micro - Shadow
06 Seroxat - Out Of Time
07 Toxic vs Toast3d - Voices
08 Tube - Chaos
09 Twisted Reaction - I'm Hypnotic

That crazy Joker tricked you into playing The Game with him, and you agreed, unknowingly, unprepared for the unending maze you had entered. He Activates the Spiral, and suddenly, Accidentally, you are lost in an orange haze. You panic, but with an edge of excitement. You are lost, but something in that puzzle completes you. You swing into Overdrive, spinning crazily round the spiral, and suddenly you reach the darkness of a Shadow. Stuck in the darkest abyss, you are out of space, and Out of Time. But suddenly you hear the Voices, emerging like the sweet sound of Chaos, and the Joker appears. Hypnotic, he convinces you that you have found the answer, that you have solved the puzzle. But you know that this Conundrum is never-ending, and you will spend the rest of your life in its quest.

Various Artists - Conundrum: Front