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Various Artists - Cryptographic

Various Artists - Cryptographic
LabelMedusa Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Inner Action - Drops Of Sunshine
02 Beyondecliptica - Medusa Pt. 1
03 Painkiller - Electrical Charge
04 Xenzodiak - The Seed Of Etzab13
05 Bio Genesis - Harmonic Chaos
06 Horus - Telepathic Power
07 Earthling vs Dj Torry - Far Far Away
08 System Brothers - Fresh Memory
09 JP - Power Mesh

Medusa Records was established in 2006 and is based in Athens, Greece. Our aim is to promote talented up-coming artists from around the world that explore new dimensions in musical ideas, as well as well known international and national artists within the current global scene. Medusa Records aims to release full-on electronic music and our vision is to grow through quality productions and events around the globe.

With this first compilation, Medusa Records comes with the most up-to-date unreleased music. In this release you will find a mixture of all kinds in Full-On. This first release can be also described as a general guideline of what music you should expect to hear from Medusa Records in the future coming releases.

On this compilation you will find a powerful selection of 9 previously unreleased tracks from some of the most well known and new upcoming artists. InnerAction open this compilation with an uplifting morning track, then Beyondecliptica, a new artist from Serbia comes with a powerful dancefloor track, Painkiller with a superb non stop track, Xenzodiak, the new promising artist from Portugal, that is here to present a new different full-on story with a track that will rock any dancefloors around the globe, Bio Genesis comes with another full on track with a touch of the Mexican sunshine, Horus, another new artist with a track that can not be missed, then Earthling hits the dancefloors with a new musical concept, System Brothers with a colourful and powerful morning track and finally the man that you can't miss from any festivals around Brazil, JP with an uplifting morning track to close this compilation.

Medusa Records wish you a pleasant journey into the new musical dimensions you are about to explore. It's time to dance.

Compiled by: Anestis & Rudd; Mastered by: 4CN-Studios.

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