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Various Artists - Dark Side Of The Mind

Various Artists - Dark Side Of The Mind
LabelVision Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 NRS vs Kode Six - Cluster Duster
02 Rubix Cube - Exhale
03 Kode Six - Cell System Reset
04 Gerasene - Syllable Lottery
05 Zion Linguist - Freakenstien
06 Frozen Ghost - Ghost Meat
07 Hiyarant - Driven
08 Scam - High In Disguise
09 Technodrome - Gate For Hate
10 Tested Extension - Virginity

Dark Side of the Mind' is a psy-trance compilation with a difference, mixing a range of psychedelic styles, including techno-influenced psy, night-time full-on and dark trance.
It features a range of artists from around the world, including South Africa, UK, Canada, Israel and Serbia.
From the very first track it comes in at full force, daring the listener not to jump up and dance wildly as it beckons to the dark side in all of us..

Various Artists - Dark Side Of The Mind: Front