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Various Artists - What Is Psychedelic?

Various Artists - What Is Psychedelic?
LabelVision Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Artifakt - What Is Psychedelic?
02 Noise Anomalie - Reality At A Finer Scale
03 Scam - Have A Drink
04 Hiyarant - Funguy
05 Lost and Found - Acid Pants
06 Zion Linguist - Super Beast
07 Corona & Scam - Cold Turkey
08 Parana - Kowloon
09 Cold Project - Pangea
10 Crackpot Realist - The Mountain

"What is Psychedelic?" is a compilation of the freshest psy-trance coming out of South Africa right now, filled with 10 tracks that have been absolutely destroying dancefloors and bending minds at every party and every venue for the last 8 months! These are tried and tested tracks of utter dancefloor mayhem that are not available anywhere else! Pure psy no bullshit!

Various Artists - What Is Psychedelic?: Front