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Various Artists - Dark Steps Of The Mind

Various Artists - Dark Steps Of The Mind
LabelMoonsun Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Kalilaskov As - Game For Death
02 A.P.E. vs Jul - Raw
03 Adi vs Kerberos - Rust In Pieces
04 Hagenith - Astaroth The Nosferatu
05 Dark Shire - Audiobombb
06 Double Trouble - Coucou
07 Narcosis - Corruption
08 Nexus - Connecting To The World
09 Para Halu - Twisted Sunset

MoonSun Records is proud to present this new release, the idea of Dark Steps of the Mind comes from the reason that we must explore this music through the dark paths of our mind, to reach the path of our darkest fears. Various Artists join in this compilation of dark experience to bring u a different view in Dark Psychedelic music bringing u this V.A will bring the people into the way of what we call the dark path,.in different times man has explored his mind to reach many targets to see how the brain works and how strong the 3rd eye is. We try to explore in this music the black spaces of the mind which is were we lose our telepathy or our consciousness so we have created a cure which will help this music flow through our brains and block this spaces and clean our mind and relax, so we can enjoy the mystical ways and create our new world in our minds.

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