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Various Artists - Digital Drugs: Double The Dose

Various Artists - Digital Drugs: Double The Dose
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Digital Drugs


01 Electrypnose - Let The Games Begin
02 Shapestatic - Headroom
03 Dai - Eraserhead
04 Facehead - Mission Statement
05 Primordial Ooze - Taking You Away
06 Wicked Wires vs Brain Hunters - Prescribed Drugs
07 Total Sickness vs Tracka - Addicted To Drugs
08 Neuromyth vs Alien Zed - Topfreaq
09 Tsabeat - Intense Radioactive
10 Onnomon - War Onno Drugs

01 Arabali - Lunar Freqs
02 Tricossoma - Voices From The Darkness
03 Neuromyth - Angry Labs
04 Dark Force - Two Towers
05 K_Lapso - Ciclosporina
06 Bus - Bagdad Plasma
07 Psychoz - All Of Them
08 Spiral - Idiotic Legion
09 The Gorgon - Mutilated Brain Weeps Upon A Dying Soul
10 Distorted Goblin - Doctor Of Sound
11 Airi vs Fabiuz - Snack Shop

Doctor Spook prescribes a carefully calculated dose of the most cutting edge sounds and full power psychedelic mayhem in the form of a mind blowing 2 CD Compilation. This collection is designed to take you on a journey both into and out of your mind and beyond! So gather your favorite interface methods and plug in for a 160 min voyage through DIGITAL DRUGS. Tons of fresh new talent combined with the proven skills of such masters as: Bus, Electrypnose, and Mubali. Artists from around the world have combined their unique ingredients to concoct a fabulous formula the likes of which no one has ever experienced! Several new geo - label artists proudly debut their work including: Facehead (USA), Neuromyth (Canada) as well as Airi vs Fabius (Germany) and lots more expect lots more crazy goodness coming from GEOMAGNETIC DARKSTAR in a steady stream of demented hits!