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Various Artists - Digital Oracle

Various Artists - Digital Oracle
LabelDigital Oracle Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Astrix - Digital Oracle


01 GMS - Digital Oracle
02 Astrix & DJ Highguy - Chaos (Pixel & Wrecked Machines Remix)
03 Xerox & Illumination - The Vision
04 Black and White - Streets Of Venus
05 Shift - The Age Of Love
06 Z-Machine - DMT
07 Delirious - Cybershock (Final Mix)
08 Time Lock - Main Frame
09 Elec3 - Back To Groove

Black and White - Streets Of Venus

'You give up condo world. You give up all your flaming worldly possessions. Go live in a delapadated house in a toxic waste part of town and you have to come home to this...'

From the movie 'Fight Club'

Fight Club

Various Artists - Digital Oracle: Front