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Various Artists - Digital Speakers

Various Artists - Digital Speakers
LabelKagdila Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Heterogenesis - Burbuja Cosmica
02 Crying Freemen - You Can Loose Uour Mind
03 Ovnimoon - Santiago Collins ( Remix)
04 Power Control - Fliper
05 Twilight - Electromagnetic
06 Imix - The Meeting
07 Zybex - Yje Moon Moonks
08 Ovnimoon - Follow This (Goa Energy)
09 Digital Tribe - Electro Noise
10 Ibojima - Rub A Dub

This is the First volume of Digital Speaker series at Kagdila Records.
Ovnimoon (Chilean Progressive , Chill out And Psytrance Act) compiling this great concept, music Psychedelic , Melodic , Funky and groovey Trance , a bit of touchs of Goa music and for sure, modern Style of the actuall Psy Music.

Compiling also artist of many places of the planet. In This vol you can hear music from Chilean Artis like Zybex (New Talent) and Ovnimoon , Israli Trance music from Power Control and Digital Tribe , Argentina Vibes in hands of the Duo Hetereogenesis , Austria Full on from Imix , from mexico tribe we have Twilight , sweeden Ibojima , and from France we have to Crying Freemen.

All this artist together create a concept in a magic jourtney in many colours, textures, sounds, melodies and great bass lines , a great cd for you put in you personal cd wallet and for sure, in you dj wallet for play in all the floors in worldwide!!!!!

Various Artists - Digital Speakers: Front