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Various Artists - Dirty Digital

Various Artists - Dirty Digital
LabelBlue Tunes Recordings
Typecompilation, CD

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Ace Ventura - Dirty Digital


01 D-fusion - Space Taste
02 Earsugar - Nonsense
03 Mig - Autoplay
04 Dualsnug - Ace Ventura
05 Ace Ventura - Rebirth (Aerospace Remix)
06 Gaudium - Mano Mono
07 Quantize - Visuals
08 Nasser - So Long

Bluetunes Records first release of 2007 'Dirty Digital', compiled by the swiss guys Sven Snug and Dualism, raises the bar even higher and continues the labels guiding principle to release only perfectly produced and arranged ass kicking, pumpin' stuff.

The leading and most creative acts of todays progressive trance like Ace Ventura, Dualsnug, Gaudium and Earsugar set off a massive avalanche of ultra crunching and bouncing high-tech sound which no listener can avoid from.

Blasting vibes that transform to harmonious crystal clean hooklines make this release what it is: A one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Various Artists - Dirty Digital: Front