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Various Artists - Electro Inside

Various Artists - Electro Inside
LabelBlue Tunes Recordings
Typecompilation, CD

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Duca - Electro Inside


01 Solead - Chocolate Milk
02 Khainz & Alex - It's You
03 Peter Gun vs Taucher - Ueberflieger
04 Shuma - Bodyrock (Human Traffic Remix)
05 Duca - Bubble Gum
06 Johnson - Bloody Flower
07 Mauricio Duarte - Bass Culture
08 True Lies - Valeries Biography

'Electro Inside' is the symbiosis of tricky groovin' progressive trance and rough elegant electronic vibes.

Todays progressive top acts composed an extravagance set of crispy, trailblazing groove productions, carefully elected by Dj Mapusa Mapusa.

This compilation explains progression and sets a new benchmark in developing harmonious, intelligent progressive trance arrangements.

It's on its own entity, fresh on the ears and comes along with uncommon and brilliant ideas on an breathtaking production level.

Various Artists - Electro Inside: Front
Various Artists - Electro Inside: CD