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Various Artists - Double Trouble

Various Artists - Double Trouble
LabelNo Comment Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Multi Evil - Resurrection
02 Lab - Post Apocalyptic
03 Necropsycho - Ritual Of Shiva
04 CPC - Lizard Metanoya
05 Multi Evil - Brains Only
06 Lab - The Menger Sponge
07 Necropsycho - Tortured Souls
08 CPC - Begin
09 Gobit vs Cube - Neurolepik
10 Dynamid vs Xolax Ax - X-Ray Cat

Awesome? Fantastic? One of a kind? All these expressions aren't enough to describe a single track from that VA. How to describe the whole release?

Of course we can say it is a dark underground portion of psychedelic madness ranging 149-153 + two unusual tracks made by one of the most independent minds on scene, unfortunately no matter how you would like to call it, you will miss specefic vision and taste of creators. This unique flavour starts to be understood after listening to this CD.

Don't miss it! This is a must have for everyone who is prepared for discovering new horizons, following the path of psy! A strong start for this new label for sure!

Various Artists - Double Trouble: Front