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Various Artists - Erratic Distortion

Various Artists - Erratic Distortion
LabelMMD Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Erratic Distortion - Mind Manipulation Device


01 Lost and Found - Rhythm Machine Stick
02 Phyx - Fall Of Babylon
03 Zion Linguist - Masquerade
04 Hiyarant - Mechanism
05 Multistate - Press Any Key
06 Frozen Ghost - Dr Hooligan
07 The Linguist vs The Cell - The Door
08 Hiyarant - Split
09 Sworn - Last Chance
10 Rabdom L - The Hidden Hand

Cape Towns freshest label MMD Records are proud to present their second compilation, Erratic Distortion. The album is jam packed with pure night time destroyers! From well know acts like Phyx and Rabdom L, to huge new talents like Multistate, Zion Linguist and Frozen Ghost. The pressure is kept up from beginning to end, starting with a more supercharged feel, progressing into night time mayhem and ending with some dark atmospheric killers.

If you're into the darker side of Psytrance, or just plain want to see the distorted psychedelic light, then this release is an absolute must have.

Rock the body, Bend The Mind!

Various Artists - Erratic Distortion: Front