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Various Artists - Evil Voices

Various Artists - Evil Voices
LabelEvil Knivel Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Naked Tourist - Sprocket
02 Xenomorph - Centipede Chamber
03 Transdriver - Last Experiment Of Professor Tesla
04 Gidra - Shapeshifter
05 Electrypnose vs DocD - Take Off
06 Technical Hitch vs Jelly - K.D. Lunatic's
07 Cosmo vs Kulu - Blasteddd
08 Bellybutton - Hooyoogooroo (Gooroo Remix)
09 Aghori Tantrik - Kala Jadu (Black Magic)

"Evil Knivel records is an independent record label founded in poland during the end of 2005 and it is based between Warschau, Berlin and N├╝rnberg...we want to support electronic - psychedelic music and its producing artists, to create some magical journeys for every lover of real psychedelic trance music. For us most important is the high quality of the music that gives you this special emotional feeling... pushing, pumping and kicking all the time to bring you joy and pain and to express every kind of emotion you can have on the dancefloor."

Evil Knivel records is proud to present its first compilation "VA Evil Voices" mastered by Xenomorph. On this debut release the Evil Knivel crew carefully selected 9 psychedelic mindblasting stormers to guide your inner self in the darkest hour of night.You will find old heroes such as Naked Tourist, Xenomorph, Transdriver, Electrypnose and Cosmo vs. Kulu and some new artists such as Gidra, Aghori Tantrik, Technical Hitch and Bellybutton. The first Compilation of Evil Knivel records is titled Evil Voices and it is filled with night-time music for the dark hours on the dancefloor. We brought several artists from all over the globe together to create this magical, dark and mystic journey into the land of Evil Voices. The cd starts with a naked tourist moving the "sprocket" into the deep dark "chambers of the centipede". You climb up the stairs directly into Transdrivers "last experiment of professor tesla", after u escaped this crazy professor u have to stand against gidras "shapeshifter". He will give you a real psychedelic examination and after you passed it you can "take off" directly into the universe of Electrypnose.His spaceship will guide you to the "K.D.Lunatic`s".from them you will get the Technical Hitch info u need to get "blasteddd" by cosmo and Kulu. After this you be nothing more than "HooYooGooRoo" and you start to understand that the bellybutton in combination with aghori`s "black magic" are the only way to heal you from the curse of "Evil Voices"

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