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Various Artists - Extrasensory Perception

Various Artists - Extrasensory Perception
LabelMikrokosmos Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Freq - Extrasensory Perception


01 Freq - Avatar
02 Liquid Soul vs Freq - Liquid Frequencies (Liquid Soul Remix)
03 Earsugar - New Era
04 Visua - Spindrive (Gaudium Remix)
05 Infinity - Stratosphere
06 Andromeda - Plazza Del Trippy
07 Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble In The Jungle (Zen Mechanics Remix)
08 Side A - Cansas City Shuffle
09 Martin - What The 'Bleep' Do I Know?

The well known artists Martin and Liquid Soul presents the first unmixed compilation.

The compilation 'Extrasensory Perception' include 8 exclusive tracks from todays best artists in the progressive trance scene.

With tracks from Freq, Liquid Soul, Earsugar, Andromeda, Visua, Side A, Behind blue eyes, Dj Martin and Infinity, Martin and Liquid Soul bring you awesome new tracks from undisputed leaders of the genre together with new coming names.

With a incredible good flow, this compilation catch you from the first second on and let you make your own 'Extrasensory Perceptions'

Various Artists - Extrasensory Perception: Front