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Various Artists - Folkloristik Tunes

Various Artists - Folkloristik Tunes
LabelSolarsiv Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Jex vs Lito - Hot Day
02 Alion - Omega
03 Psyborg - Spirit Of Love
04 Alion - Be Quite (Psyborg Remix)
05 Audiomatic & Block 4 - Digitalica
06 Dereinspunkt - Stomach
07 Sensifeel - Flagada
08 Atmospheres - Dropman
09 Ski-Fi - Jedi Trick

Welcome to Solarsiv Records brand new compilation 'folcloristic tunes' including eight new tracks for progressive and Psy dance-floors.

All previously unreleased and new these tracks will give you good energetic vibes for dancing, it is a great blend of pumping rhythms and psy sounds in one.

The cd has a variety of styles and is creating great different 'feelings' for both morning and night time dancing with new and fresh sounds form Italian artists such as Alion, Atmospheres and Psyborg. It represents an alternative vision to the progressive style, music for a happy, energy-filled dance-floor or you can just call it simply beautiful and tribal music.