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Various Artists - Freaks Blast

Various Artists - Freaks Blast
LabelTrance Karma Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Brethren - Neo Cells (Remix)
02 Brain Train - Inland Whispers
03 Dragons - Freak Blaster
04 Guinea Pigs - Slaughtered Coconut
05 Ocelot - Next Generation
06 Para Halu - Wasabi
07 Pirated Machines - Le Spectre
08 Rawar - Flesh
09 Tryambaka - Spawn Of The Damned

The Freaks Blast Festival happens in Portugal every year since 2004 during the New Years Eve celebrations, made by Trance Karma, a Portuguese trance event organization.

Trance Karma has been following the worldwide trance scene evolution for many years and now, as a subsequent result of the knowledge acquired, it is with great pleasure that it presents the most recent Portuguese label Trance Karma Records and its first discographic release 'Freaks Blast', compiled by DJ Deo, founder of the project.

The compilation was made with the full cooperation of all the artists involved, with the objective of promoting their achievements in the past few years.

It is a collection of 9 powerful tracks that reveal different influences, a true challenge for those who enjoy psychedelic diversity.

Here you have new tracks for the 2008 trance floors.

Various Artists - Freaks Blast: Front