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Various Artists - Freshly Squeezed

Various Artists - Freshly Squeezed
LabelTantrumm Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Red - Sense Of Elements
02 Furious - Noise Insect
03 Orestis - Life (Remix)
04 Polyphonia - Pentagram
05 Jellyheadz - Kapitalist
06 Chaching - Alien Love Parade
07 Kindzadza - Sweet Dreams
08 Strangers - Dramatica
09 Para Halu - Flash Dance (Remix)
10 Hishiryo - S.A.N.

Consisting of a close-knit family of various artists from all around the world working together. We believe that music is another state of meditation and so we endeavor to bring people one-step closer to enlightenment. Tantrumm was born out of nothing but love, respect and much admiration for the global psychedelic scene and this our way of giving back to the community what they have given to us'

Custom made with love and care, Freshly Squeezed consists of original, cutting edge, twisted psycho-acoustics that reflect the evolution of trance music. This CD is an accumulation of artists from all around the globe that heightens its varied perspective. A global expression, a concoction of sounds leading to one wicked bubbling broth. Featuring ten previously unreleased and custom made tracks.