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Various Artists - Full Power

Various Artists - Full Power
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Full Power - compiled by XP Voodoo


01 Xerox & Illumination - Tribal Metal (Remix)
02 Sirius Isness - Sirius Calling
03 Psysex vs Space Cat - Genki Korogi
04 Ultravoice vs Kyo Log - Made For Japan
05 Z-Machine - Lost Samurai
06 Onyx vs E-jekt - Monogatari (Onyx Edit)
07 Zen Mechanics - Shinkansen
08 Basic - Ja Panic
09 Enterprise - Nihon E-Maya

The album starts out with a new remix from the popular unit Xerox & Illumination. Hot on it's heels is a mind-boggling fresh track from the explosive and popular French duo, Sirius Isness. Keeping up the pumping pace is a sensational collaboration track by two top selling artists, Psysex and Space Cat. Also in the album is a track by the talented composer Z-Machine, who has also built a solid reputation as a "number one artist" in Goa in 2005. After this track is a collaboration number by fellow Israelis Onyx & E-Ject, and is titled "Monogatari", which is the Japanese word for "story". The last track on the album features the wicked Russian morning trance unit Enterprize, who has gained attention from prior releases on Mindcontrol Records. Also nterspersed throughout the album are "full power" tracks by Basic from BNE Records, Ultravoice from Compact Records and Zen Mechanics from Amsterdam. Overall, the album is a fantastic showcase of XP Voodoo's highly acclaimed style.

The album cover is an intriguing cyber-dandy animated rendition of XP Voodoo himself, and is bound to ooze coolness and a no-holds-barred attitude to all listeners who check out this seriously blasting album. Fine mastering works by Mitsuo Koike who used to work with legendaly Japanese techno band Y.M.O (yellow magic orchestra).

All Music is written by Top Artists nowadays on the scene. 9 modern groovey tracks. All tracks are made for Sirius Records exclusively.

Various Artists - Full Power: Front