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Various Artists - Get Wet Go

Various Artists - Get Wet Go
LabelShivlink Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Blackout - Get Wet Go


01 Blackout - Wave Force
02 Gaudium - Nordic Nature (Sensifeel Remix)
03 Fat Data - New World
04 Kohra - Blue Moves
05 True Lies - Beautiful
06 Cyklones - The Cosmics
07 Fitalic - Frequencies
08 Crater - Arctic Sunrise
09 Vibrasphere - Floating Free (Dub Remix)

As sound waves of varied frequencies surge through droplets at distinct speeds 'Get Wet Go' takes the tripper to his destination at a progressive pace.

The compilation juxtaposes life with the ocean, which shows that even though immense pressure is developed deep down somewhere, the face value may always have a blissful disposition.

A compilation responsible for the ramification of one's senses, 'Get Wet Go' is the formulation of a new world, where blue moves of oceanic waves prepare one for the numinous experience ahead.

The artists featured on this compilation ensure that the groovy beats create an electric atmosphere when played in a molten setting. Immense talent merges with predominant international power to ensure that the resonating pulses have a pleasing and gentle yet uplifting and elating disposition to the ear of electro-lovers.

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