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Various Artists - Goa Times

Various Artists - Goa Times
LabelShivlink Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Goa Times - Now And Then


01 Afgin - Amanita
02 Etnica - Vimana
03 Liquid Flow - Moderate Stimulation
04 Cosmosis - Gift Of The Gods
05 Astrancer - Namaskara Mudra
06 Chakra & Edi Mis - Final Mission
07 Goasia - Paranormal Experience
08 Manmademan - Athalon
09 Holymen - The Last Universe (End All Remix)

"Goa times - Now and Then" is a compilation, which illustrates the old supernal melodies and sounds, which were spiritual, psychedelic and mystical. It revives those melodies, which are no longer prevalent in the energy released by psychedelic aspect of trance today. Although the conception remains the same, the sonic waves that unite the body and soul today are popularly termed 'New age'. It's quite clear today that the trip still has the same destination, but the traveler has evolved in terms of space and time.

Goa Times features tracks from both ends of the spectrum - Modern day epics as well as parables of the late 90's. They say, "If Old was so gold - the sound of Goa wouldnĂ­t be a personal distinction". We say "Old is gold and Goa remains gilded". Goa Times - Now And Then, it's your decision.

Etnica - Vimana

'This visitor somehow explained the way aliens have been genetically altering the development of our DNA, from our very beginnings, and that they inspired our great spiritual leaders.

'They had in fact influenced the course om human history in rather critical and startling ways.'

'Spiritual leaders.'

'Other dimensions that co-exist with our own and these beings have the technology to somehow just slip in and out.'

'This disc atually landed by intention and then an exchange with alien life-forms.'

From the movie 'Roswell'

Roswell (1994)

Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods

'And as the gods have given us, so we return the gift.'

Various Artists - Goa Times: Front