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Various Artists - Groovescapes

Various Artists - Groovescapes
LabelCosm Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Groovescapes


01 Tmc & Oddsono - Psyko-0
02 Paraphone - Highway
03 Metabreed - Karmaceutica
04 6th Floor - Castle Of Clouds
05 Rigel - Fairy Forest
06 Tmc - Mirage Effect
07 Paraphone & Oliver Twist - See Into The Future
08 Strawberry Fields - Blississippi
09 Midi Miliz - Brainsquatter

Vivid, funky and sunny. Memorable psytrance with a super fat grin!

After their highly acclaimed compilation debut cosmology Hamburg based Cosm Records haul off for the next big strike.

Staying true to their vison of passionate psytrance with heart, mind and soul V./A.- 'Groovescapes' explores the lysergeous realms of atmosphere and deepness, so often ignored by the mainstream of psytrance.

Smile inducing to the fullest, the psychosonic blend features Sunday trancefloor groovers from the label's core artists like 6th Floor or Paraphone, to extraworldly psytrance overlords Midimiliz and some of the finest fresh artists on the global scene.

Metabreed - Karmaceutica

"What's in this ?"

"It's a message"

"well,... what does it say ?"

"you have to drink it, that's how it works"

6th Floor - Castle Of Clouds

" the ground begins to sparkle and give of rainbow sparkles
and you see the spirals and all the other things "

"One of the first characteristics is,... errm,... simulacra"

Strawberry Fields - Blississippi

Can you see ? the juice ? coming out ? this time of the year, it's the smell that's in the air, that perfumes the air everywhere and it has this nectar, that lives in that long throat that the bees and hummingbirds are flying in. And if you pull it out like that, you see - the liquid that comes out with it

Various Artists - Groovescapes: Front