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Various Artists - Intensity

Various Artists - Intensity
LabelNutek Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Massive - Intensity


01 Bliss - Our World
02 Punchline - Cosmic Space
03 Winter Demon - Active Mode
04 Lost and Found - Bleeding Edge
05 CPU vs Azax Syndrom - Examination Of Time
06 Madnetic vs Painkiller - Journey Into Sound
07 CPU - Dark Energy
08 Highjackers - What Is Real
09 Azax Syndrom vs Bliss - Simulated Disorder (Absolum Remix)

01 Mekkanikka vs Dj Amito - Necessary E
02 Beyond Ecliptica - Hot Shot
03 Massive - Why They Look Like Us?
04 A-Team - Kawaii
05 Sirius Isness - Retro Life System (Biogenesis Remix)
06 Painkiller vs Pure Pressure - The Big Picture
07 Audio Hijack - Collective Evolution
08 Mad Maxx vs X.S.I - Creeping
09 Peace Maker - Turn To Dust

utek Records is proud to present a smashing brand-new double v/a compilation, compiled by DJ Amito, Nutek's in-house DJ.
Born in Israel, Amit has been an integral part of the trance movement for many years, teaming up with the well-known Israeli Doof Project in many stages of the trip.
His dedication to this form of electronic sounds has brought him to many colorful dance-floors around the globe.
Established in Barcelona, Amit has been a part of the Nutek family since the early stages, always supporting with a big heart and passion for trance music.
Intensity includes brand-new hot releases by well known acts such as Absolum, Cpu, Mekkanikka, Azax syndrom, Bliss, Painkiller, Serius isness, X.S.I and more., combined with a strong wind from the newcomers like Madnetic, Bio Genesis, Winter deamon, punchline, LostandFound , Audio Hijack ,Peace Maker, Beyond ecliptica and more...
DJ Amito has cooperated with Mekkanikka and also with Madnetic to create two of the tracks on the compilations.

We hope you enjoy listening to these CDs as much as we did compiling them.

Various Artists - Intensity: Front