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Various Artists - Interact

Various Artists - Interact
LabelMDMA Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Perplex - Interact


01 Groove Manipulation - DimDuMim
02 Perplex - White Widow
03 Prex - Info
04 Sesto Sento - O.B. Beats
05 Skazi - Passion
06 GMS vs DJ Dede - Whoosh
07 Exaile - Tide Up
08 Space Buddha - Granulate Fungi
09 Shulman - Small Grey Creatures

Skazi - Passion

'Houston, we don't have a problem.'

'3 . . . 2 . . . 1. Blast Off !'

From 'Sex and The City'

Shulman - Small Grey Creatures

'There was an extensive annex based upon the one of the UFOs had crashed in Northern Germany right near the Baltic sea. It had crashed very near where the Russian and British zones came together. This was a disk that was 30 meters across in diameter and 5 meters thick. It crashed, and the British army retrieved it with the British Engineer Battallion. And they somehow learned how to take the object apart. They were able to get inside of it and they learned somehow to break it down into, pie, wedge-shaped pieces and they hauled those pieces away on what were called lowboy trucks. And they hauled them away and I understood that they were actually turned over to the Americans. This was a crash and in, in the object were small bodies. Approximately 12 of them. They were small grey creatures with large heads.'

From 'Robert Dean - The Assessment'

Various Artists - Interact: Front