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Various Artists - Liquid Quit

Various Artists - Liquid Quit
LabelVertigo Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Tamlin - Upside Out
02 Jigsaw - Squishee
03 Trold - Steady Pulse
04 Neuron Compost - Tockz Eek
05 Glooex vs Nowhereman - Sex Press
06 Hired Goonz - I Can't Believe It's Not Killah
07 Texas Faggott - Burn The Witch
08 Kirna - Glory Fury(Final Version)
09 LPC - Rave Check
10 Astroschnautzer - Tyranosaurus Flex
11 Antiscarp Warriors - Hullullullu

Human's brain on 98% consists of water. Brains of a experienced party-people on 98% consists of liquid!!! Vertigo Records proudly presents our first morning collection on 100% consists of brand new non-commercial dawn twisters.

Continuing label's tradition, we invited some promising newcomers: Astroschnautzer and Jigsaw. They, alongside with well-known musicians like Neuron Compost, Texas Faggott and others will show you a magical waterfall of matutinal psychedelic freshness! Like a river flows with turns and curves among beautiful shores, as our compilation flows in many directions into listener's subconscious mind. From cool and dense Scandinavian forests to hot tropical Australian savannahs we've been picked up these stunning tracks to make you vibrate together with the nature. In a modern industrial world there's a place for liquid quit! Since April 19, 1943.

Another avant garde release from the Vertigo Camp exploring new dimensions

Tamlin - Upside Out

"Huh... Did everything just taste purple for a second? Oh well.."

Futurama S05E08 - The Why of Fry


Various Artists - Liquid Quit: Front
Various Artists - Liquid Quit: Back
Various Artists - Liquid Quit: Inside
Various Artists - Liquid Quit: CD