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Various Artists - Magnus

Various Artists - Magnus


01 ABA Structure feat. Irina Mikhailova - Deep Step
02 X-Wave feat. Growling Mad Scientists - Have Some
03 David Battenfield - Sonic Ghazal
04 Ursa Minor - Kucinich
05 Sasha - Wavy Gravy
06 Scorb - 13.5 hours
07 Deviant Species - Abyss
08 Chromatone - Mitiochondria
09 Medicine Drum - Skin Up
10 Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner

Magnus is the newest release from the folks who brought you Liquid Crystal Vision, Minds Eye Media and the GodEgg.

This DVD fuses together the talents of some of the worlds hottest VJs and psychedelic computer graphics producers with the worlds leading electronica and Psytrance music.

This never before seen collection of high quality 3D animation and trip visuals will blast your brain into a new form of visual and audio enlightenment. So get ready to not blink for the next 90 minutes as you interface with DVD sampler volume one.

Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner

Well, y'know, it's like this experience that I had was like, y'know, erm, it was kind of the most profound experience I've had in me life, like.

I am a shaman, magician
The sun is purple
3D dimensions
I am for mental extensions.

You know the mind has a thousand eyes

Oohh, Que Terror

Various Artists - Magnus: Front