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Various Artists - Fedx 2 - Next Day Xpress

Various Artists - Fedx 2 - Next Day Xpress
Typecompilation, CD


01 Axone vs Tetuna - Sheitan
02 Hypohektika - Falling Into The Darkness
03 01-N - Brain Parasite
04 Bratex - Nightshot
05 Frost Raven - Olde Ones
06 Micro Scan - Broken Tension
07 Kinesis - The Prophecy
08 Imix - It Is Life
09 Skyloops - Let's Go
10 Aya - Open Your Eyes

Fed X2: Next Day X press ...Imagine you are the co-Pilot of an interstellar X press delivery trance-port with important destinations across the galaxy for a Next Day X press round trip. This trip seems to take off smoothly but once airborne you realize there was an unexpected stowaway who got on board the private party ship. Le SHEITAN himself makes a guest appearance! Suddenly everyone is FALLING INTO THE DARKNESS on what might end up being a one way trip! Everyone on the dance floor freaks out as they realize they have a BRAIN PARASITE! You begin having irrational impulses until the ships computer kicks in and gives everyone a NIGHTSHOT. When the dancefloor frenzy recovers the captain announces that we had an encounter with THEE OLDE ONES. After the BROKEN TENSION everyone settles in to the journey. The autopilot shares the story of THE PROPHECEY that tells of the power within through following your bliss your can achieve enlightenment. IT IS LIFE's purpose to do what you most feel drawn to do, your higher purpose. SO LETS GO and make your dreams become reality by committing to doing your calling with each passing day. OPEN YOUR EYES and realize that your realizations you had on your journey are important! Integrate them into your life! The pilot announces that your ships auto pilot is set to safely guide you home where you will soon be ready for another adventure on the intergalactic FED - X NEXT DAY X-PRESS. Doctor Spook pilots the way once again on another space voyage full of fresh new unreleased treats for your mind, body and soul. Oodles of Hits from well known master trance artists as well as a healthy Dose of new comers with surprisingly amazing new sounds from across the globe and beyond. Featuring 10 world class international psytrance masters of their art: Axeone vs TeTuna (France), Hypohektika aka Dnoiser (Germany/USA), 01N(Japan), Bratex(Brazil), FrostRAVEN (USA), Micro Scan (France), Kinesis (France/Spain), Imix (Austria), Skyloops (Argentina) and Aya (Canada).

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