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Various Artists - Map Of Goa 3

Various Artists - Map Of Goa 3
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Atomic Culture - Radio Active
02 Gataka - Triping Out
03 E-jekt - The Antipop
04 Freakulizer - Are We There?
05 Astrix - Poison (Wrecked Machines Remix)
06 Aquila (2) - Uncontrolled
07 Time Lock - Time Theory
08 DNA - Synthetic D.N.A
09 Sangeet - Biophysical Structure

01 Brain Damage - Undertone
02 U-Recken - The Island
03 Protonica - Airflow
04 Psytrain - Nigthmares
05 Prahlad - Man Up
06 Cosmic Tone vs Noga - It's not like that at all (Cosmic Tone Remix)
07 Electro Sun - Death wish (DJ Nemesis Remix)
08 Future Prophecy - Unisex (Freak Show Remix)
09 Slackjoint - Mr. Balboa

The ultimate guide through psychedelic trance.

Y.S.E. presents the third edition of MAP OF GOA, compiled again by DJ Mikadho.

Volume 3 is a beautiful Journey through the world of Psychedelic Trance. The track list reads like the 'who is who' in psychedelic music and the success of Volume 2 makes this edition to a must for every serious DJ and Fan!

Featuring Astrix, Timelock, Freakulizer, DNA, U-Recken, Cosmic Tone plus 3 Unreleased Tracks by Slackjoint, Sangeet and Future Prophecy!

What else can you ask for?

Gataka - Triping Out

The less you freak, the less you'll trip out.

From the movie 'The Jacket'

Various Artists - Map Of Goa 3: Front