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Various Artists - Midnight Storm 2

Various Artists - Midnight Storm 2
LabelNexus Media
Typecompilation, CD


01 Hydraglyph - Breach
02 Slug vs Rabdom L - Iron Curtainn
03 Manifold - Voinamirov
04 Multistate - Grandma Death
05 Shift vs Azax Syndrom - How Do U Stop It?
06 Abomination - The Hunt
07 Azax Syndrom - The Covenant (Shift Remix)
08 Energetic - Overdose
09 Brethren - Moshi Moshi

Midnight Storm 2 - Electric Energy - is the highly anticipated follow on to the meanest compilation of 2005. Shift has gathered again a truly astonishing set of wicked tunes that just can t let you down.

Its mastered by the Artifakt and it features a smashing remix of azax syndrom's 'the covenant' by shift and a bad new monster by azax and shift together, as well as thunderous new bombs from Hydraglyph, Brethren, Manifold, Energetic, Abomination, Multistate, Slug and Rabdom L.

Music not for the feint hearted. This compilation is stuffed full of electric energy, mean music, and serious experiences. The second storm is here. Be shocked.

Various Artists - Midnight Storm 2: Front