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Abomination - Enemy Within

Abomination - Enemy Within
LabelNexus Media
Typealbum, CD

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Abomination - Enemy Within


01 Abomination - Fallen
02 Abomination vs New Dawn Corp. - Pass Away
03 Abomination - The Hunt
04 Abomination - Mr Nice
05 Abomination - America's First
06 Abomination - Enemy
07 Abomination - Protocol
08 Abomination - Glitch
09 Abomination - Deviden (Album Version)

No nonsense, full power, dark melodic, dance-floor psychedelic trance.

Abomination are at the forefront of this new style of Israeli psy-trance. Although relatively new to the scene their music resounds with the complexity of years of experience, and their knowledge of structure and moody is truly wonderful to behold.

The influence of many of today's great trance artists can be heard, but instead of sounding like any one in particular they have morphed their own ideas into their influences and composed something which is astoundingly enough, very unique. Acidance, Timecode, Nexus Media, Doof and Apocalypse Records have all released Abomination tracks to date, and after this debut album you can expect to hear a lot more from Eyal and Saar in the years to come.

Abomination - Enemy Within: Front