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Various Artists - Motion Sensor

Various Artists - Motion Sensor
LabelSonic Motion Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Atyss - Motion Sensor


01 Atyss - Sonic Motion - Epsilon
02 Phonic Request vs Principles of Flight - French Mad Cook
03 Abomination vs Outer Signal - The Trooper
04 Noisy Pipes - Chox
05 Atyss - Sonic Motion - T Virus
06 Triskell - Yasse
07 Digital Talk - Building Senses
08 Deeper in Zen - Awareness
09 Aodioboa - Mounpiersz
10 Sonic Vision - Tvirus Video

After releasing its 1st V.A. "Dusk Till Dawn" Sonic Motion Records presents its latest Compilation "Motion Sensor" compiled by DJ Atyss, long-term international DJ, with fresh psytrance tracks featuring confirmed and up-and-coming artists :

Digital Talk, one of the most famous electronic psy producers based in Paris, come with their original spirit of psychedelic trance by creating holographic sounds layered on top of strong rhythmic beats. Abomination & "Josh" from Outer Signal, talented artists from Israel bring us this new tune with flow synths and a unique vibe that creates psychedelic chaos on any dance floor.

Deeper in Zen, after releasing his 4th album, has conjured up this track and, through the use of sound and vibration, consistently seeks to channel his idea of infinity Phonic Request & Principal of Flight, arrive for the first time with their crazy project "French Mad Cook" showing the extent of their talent in this sonic alchemy.

Noisy Pipes, this up and coming artist from Paris brings us a dark and heavy composition that will make you ask for more! Triskell develops his unique groovy psyche full-on style in his track, which has a tendency to bend the space /time continuum!

Atyss, after contributing to other V.A., brings us two tracks, one with a deep rolling bass and intricate sounds and another bursting with psychedelic frenzy. These are tasters of his 1st album to be released by the end of the year.

Aidioboa, alias Andreas, member of the Cosmicwalkers (a deco team from Germany) presents one of his ambient tracks, after having come fifth place during the Anne Clark remix contest. Bonus audio video synestesia by SONIC VISION aka " TERATONE VISION & ATYSS SONIC MOTION" Sonic Vision is the total fusion of audio and video into a live multi-sensory experience: a live audio-video cooking performance with realtime 3D object manipulation.

This compilation teleports you into a heavy dance session, full of rhythm and drive, sometimes dark and sometimes up-lifting, it is sure to please all psytrance lovers.

Various Artists - Motion Sensor: Front