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Various Artists - Dusk Till Dawn

Various Artists - Dusk Till Dawn
LabelSonic Motion Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 JLK - Mission To Acapulco
02 Atyss - Magnetic Sign
03 Geko - Dramatic Corners
04 Deeper in Zen - Listen Closely
05 Spies & Tim Schuldt - Living Entity
06 Atyss - Riding Little Red Hood
07 Atyss & Deeper in Zen - Neural Connection
08 Triskell - Periphery
09 Atyss & Ninja - Morphing
10 Polaris - Vapor
11 Standalone - Nomad

In 1995, Atyss owner and responsible for a & r of this new label was already mixing Psychedelic Trance in Parisian raves and clubs. This young French dj was one of the pioneers of the local psy trance scene and the contributors for Its explode Soon after, in 1997, he started a close-knit collaboration for a four handed mix with Patrick Rognant, promoter and animator of RAVE UP on RADIO F.G. This tandem has played across Europe and also in South America and Asia.In 1999, Atyss created his own compositions, and after training as a sound engineer and having first hand experience in a recording studio, he managed to perfect his captivating acid Psychedelic Trance style, elaborated at the heart of his Parisian studio.His technique owes much to his ten years experience in multiple fields like sounds and images. In 2005 he created SONIC MOTION RECORDS & joined X-VIBES & SOULAR RECORDS.

GEKO. Amir Ben David is one of the hottest and freshest up and coming artists form Israel to follow.He release his 1st track dramatic corner on sonic motion compilation.

DEEPER IN ZEN. The United Sates based artist already known for his remarkable releases on Soular rec JLK/Spectral (alias MOOG) formed by Jean Loup Kehrig has been producing music since 94,released many finest tracks on Blue Room Rec and a debut album with Blue Room/Emelt/Efa for Europe and Equinox/Techno Flux for Japan and Asia.

SPIES. Remixer for Anne Clark, Implant, Von Magnet, Mimetic, Kris Kylven, BakXIII and audio-visual remixer for Miike Takashi.

TRISKELL. Triskell is Fred Sauvand, living in Paris, and produces music with his project since 2003. Djing from the early years of psychedelic trance in 1994. After writing his first demo tracks he got immediate positive feedbacks and then signed on various labels such as: Timecode (South Africa), Acidance (Greece), Hadra (France), Ketuh (Portugal), Peak (Switzerland), Mind Funk (Italy), Alkaloid (Australia), Red Cells.

NINJA. Stephane Djani aka Ninja is Dj résident of Gaia concept since 1995 also part of divers projects like "Cameleon" swith Steph from Bamboo Forest or "Arketype" with Vanessa.

POLARIS The famous artist from France responsible for numerous fantastic releases on major labels such as Neurobiotic, Spirit Zone, Maia Rec, Exposure Prod, Solstice, Nano etc.