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Various Artists - Mushy Mystery

Various Artists - Mushy Mystery
LabelTrishula Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Megalopsy - Intro
02 Mubali - Shake Lasta
03 Dejan & Shenz - Heu 2
04 Dronebixie - Zo Moth
05 Derango - Implosions (Final)
06 Kemic-Al - Kifair (Little Devil)
07 Derango - Mushy Mystery
08 Savage Scream - Freak Show (Evilcore Edit)
09 Psyfactor - Spawn Of Satan
10 DarkPsy - Elastik Darkness (2nd Version)
11 Megalopsy - Outro

Megalopsy - Intro

'Welcome to the abstract machine. Our dark network of twisted and magic nodes. Darkness as a form of energy twisting between all things and unpredictable force of thousands of strange beings. This is our multiple dimensional cosmos spiralling from chaos to complexity. This is our dark platform. Drawing its lines in the endless void. Pulling its energy out of the abyss and multiplying it. Come one and come all and meet the creatures who live within the elements that will form the never-ending combinations of this warped world (…) Once you’re in, you are in. There are no doors around here. Welcome to the abstract machine.'

Various Artists - Mushy Mystery: Front
Various Artists - Mushy Mystery: Back
Various Artists - Mushy Mystery: Back 2
Various Artists - Mushy Mystery: Inside
Various Artists - Mushy Mystery: Inside 2