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Various Artists - Music With More Muscle

Various Artists - Music With More Muscle
LabelChemical Crew
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Music With More Muscle


01 Megaband - MTV
02 Void - Fuck The System (Skazi Remix)
03 Tamtam vs Dego - Superstar Dj
04 Void - Horny
05 Talamasca - Action (Void Remix)
06 Void - Abra Kadabra
07 Eskimo - Is Electro
08 Void - Danger
09 Void - Energize (Eskimo Remix Pt.1)
10 Void - Machine (Sun Project Remix)
11 Shell Shock - Advance

Void, with no doubt one of the leading electronic trance oriented acts presented CD's such as 'Punishment', 'The Angry Brigade', are back with a brand new sizzling compilation release 'Music with more muscle'.

The compilation features Void's new fresh and cutting edge style, influenced by hard Electro sounds.

A special collaboration between Eskimo and Void codenamed MegaBand comes along with 'MTV', already one of the leading dance floor hits all over the world. This fat and juicy compilation also features a remix by Skazi to Void's hit track 'Fuck The System', Eskimo, S.U.N Project, a remix by Void to Talamasca's 'Action', a happy rock trance song named 'Superstar Dj' and new sample from the bands new project 'Shell Shock', an Electro-Downbeat project that will be released in 2008.

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