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Various Artists - Natural Healing - Manipura

Various Artists - Natural Healing - Manipura
LabelMidijum Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Casui - Natural Healing Vol. 4


01 Sun Control Species - Logical Level
02 Neelix - Under Pressure
03 DJ Exanimo - Slipstream
04 Casui - Channel X
05 Crystal Sound - Natural Healing
06 Silent Sphere - Dreamcatcher
07 Visua - Symmetry
08 Prahlad - Shantifield
09 M-Sphere - Liquid Garden

All the production on this CD has left traces on several trance festivals throughout the whole of Europe. The CD was produced with a new mastering method that gives a larger acoustic surround sound.

The tracks range in speed from 100 to 145 bpm and are floor fillers as well as dj-tools and vehicles for a non-stressful trip alike. Concerning the styles, the compilation is a tightrope walk between expressive progressive and uplifting psychedelic trance.

Please see the "further information" section for a detailed break down track by track.