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Various Artists - Nritya Shastra

Various Artists - Nritya Shastra
LabelTantrumm Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Drury Nevil - Bordeline
02 Parus - See You There
03 Polyphonia - Heaven And Hell
04 Already Maged - Adept
05 Jelly vs Orestis - El Nino
06 Alitia - Sta Opla
07 Kokobloko - Incognito
08 Peyya Zazel - Tavce Gravce (Psykovsky Edit)
09 Furious - Some Ossf Psidm
10 Nritya Shastra - Nritya Shastra

Tantrumm Records presents the next installment of our
continuing love affair with psychedelic sound. Dance is the
true language of the spirit, through dance we enable our
bodies to interpret the very essence of our souls. It is the
only true form of communication, we are able to share our
inner selves with others and release the dormant energy
that fills our subconscious.

Nritya Shastra is a compilation of sonic formulas that echo
the ancient teachings of forgotten scripture on dance, a
road map to our ancestral roots, a musical translation of
long forgotten dialects spoken through movement. Through
sound and motion we begin to unravel our minds and
rekindle the bond with our cosmic counterpart. Through
dance we mimic the timeless symbols of sacred geometry
and chart celestial patterns and ultimately invoke a higher
state of awareness and unity with our environment.
Tantrumm Records invite you to relinquish control and get
swept away by the psychedelic avalanche of Nritya

Various Artists - Nritya Shastra: Front