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Jellyheadz - Pollution Violence Technology

Jellyheadz - Pollution Violence Technology
LabelTantrumm Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Jellyheadz - For Life
02 Jellyheadz - Fib
03 Jellyheadz - Political Gang
04 Jellyheadz - Pollution Violence Technology
05 Jellyheadz - H5N1
06 Jellyheadz - Invisible Collonisation
07 Jellyheadz - Argonauts
08 Jellyheadz - Deconstructor
09 Jellyheadz - Cryminal

Geniously structured, the progression of the album unfolds as does a story book, a legend intervowen by sonic frequencies. Demarkative of the particular JellyHeadz style, the entire album maintains steady pace at 154 BPM, resounding with psychedelic soundscapes. Each track is a mood in its own right, holding sway over the emotions with strong bass lines and layers that open the eye to the visual aspect of what the sound weaves.