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Various Artists - Plantation

Various Artists - Plantation
LabelMindwaves Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Plantation


01 Molokow - Hydrophonic Circuit (Mountain King Mix)
02 Kukangherita Sound System - Magnet
03 Waterjuice - Dub Departure
04 Yestegan ChaY - Blue Cat
05 Zoneotura - Lunatic In Dub
06 Dymons - Fruits Of Eden
07 Ocelot - Have No Fear
08 Mindex - Coss Moss
09 Khooman - Long And Slow
10 Kukan Dub Lagan - Welcome To My World
11 Ganjaman - Untitled (Highko Remix)

With the approach to release cutting edge dub-lounge-experimental downtempo electronica and intelligent chill out music, Mindwaves-Music was born and starts off with the long awaited compilation 'Plantation' wich includes 10 unreleased tracks from artists around the globe.

In order to discover and support newcomers as well having the resources to the hottest acts in this scene, the line up brings you a carefully chosen delicacy with an extraordinary flow.

Beside musicians like Z-Neo, also known as the technical head of Naked Tourist, in his solo project Zoneotura, old hero Waterjuice or dubstars Master Margherita and Kukan Dub Lagan, Pat.T and Jus10 discovered a rising talent in Yestegan chaY. Coming from Israel this artist impresses with a subtle emotional feeling in his work. Equally with Mindex from Russia, who convinces all along.

Multi-musical talent Aaron Peacock aka ocelot, also to be found, as well as Khooman, just released his stunning album on Ajana Records.

Molokow from Sweden, also known with his trance-project Zalabim, completes the story, beside Dymons - the head of Elestial Records.

This symbiosis of contributions from this compilation weave a groovy and slippery ride through different fields of electronic dub worlds as well offering the luxury to lean back and relax while listening.

Various Artists - Plantation: Front